South London Orienteers and Wayfarers

OK Nuts Trophy 2004

12th December 2004

Location - Hankley Common


Photos: 1-start 2-in the forest 3-Matt Crane (OK Nuts Champion) 4-Heather Monro (ladies Champion)

Thanks to Peter Huzan and Chris Fry for photos

Results update 19/12/04:

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Planner: Nicky King

 I hope you all really enjoyed Hankley Common - it's a great area and ideal for a loop race such as this. This year I made some changes to the format of the event from last year - each of the three loop race courses had 3 loops- allowing 6 course permutations, and there was no map exchange - hopefully you feel these were all positive changes. The siting of a common center control in the middle of the bowl meant that the event was great for spectators - all that coming and going was a pleasure to watch. We were aware though that this did make the courses - particularly the short course - longer and more likely to favour the runners over the navigators. The only other option was to have different 'center controls' for each course which defeats the object of putting on a spectator friendly event! I am also aware that some people were apprehensive over the length of the medium and short courses before the event. This is always going to be a problem when planning to 'winning times' on a fast area such as Hankley. However from the comments that I both solicited and overheard at the finish it would seem that many people found that the courses did not seem as long as they feared.

Finally all that remains for me is to thank the many people who helped me plan the courses, tag sites, bag maps, put out and collect in controls these include James Morris, Sarah Covey-Crump, Chris Fry, Pete Huzan, Simon Evans, Alan and Di Leakey, Simon Evans, Don and Ali McKerrow, and especial thanks to Philip Robinson (organiser), Andy Robinson and Mike Elliott (controller).

Organiser: Philip Robinson

Thanks to the Planner, Controller and the many SLOW helpers who made this competition a success. MOD were most cooperative, in particular the land Agent and Range warden.

Thank you for fitting in with the Royal Marines Reserve who were sharing use of the DZ Huts and the training area. They had not appreciated the scale of our event but with typical bootneck resourcefulness carried on and worked round us.

I have maps for competitors who did not start. Please let me know course (A,B or C) and address to send the map to.

Found 1 blue Ron Hill running glove.

(Keys now claimed)

Philip Robinson


Phone 020 8871 1424


Updated: 20th December 2004

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