Three loop races that count towards the South-East

League and the BOF Ranking system


Sunday 12 December 2004, Hankley Common (Grid ref. SU887411)


South London Orienteers invite you to the annual OK Nuts Trophy. Following last year’s successful innovation

we are again staging loop races for the three most technical courses. Hankley is a larger area with lots of great running.

So look for longer loops, fewer exchanges and……. butterfly loops. We have also sussed the ranking list software –

so your points will be awarded promptly.


Courses:               Loop races with prizes in the following categories:

A  Men's Open (brown equivalent)                                                  Start: 10.30

B  Women's Open, Men 18-, Men 45+  (blue equivalent)              Start: 10.40

C  Women 18-, Women 45+, Men 60+ (green equivalent)             Start: 10.45


2nd start  for classes B & C at 12.00 (approx) for parents needing split starts and SLOW helpers.

Plus colour coded EOD for white, yellow, orange and light green and free string course


Map:                       1:10,000 Updated 2004.

Terrain:                Mix of heathland and forest.  All very fast.


Fees:                      £8 adults, £3 juniors/students for loop races.   Discount £2/£1 if BOF or SLOW member.

                                But if you’re late add £1 senior/50p junior. Closing date is 30 November 2004.

£4 adults, £1.50 juniors/students for colour courses.   Discount £1/£0.50 if BOF or SLOW member.

SportIdent card hire: £1/£0.50.


Planner:                Nicky King  (SLOW)                           Controller:  Mike Elliot (MV)

Organiser:           Philip Robinson (SLOW)    Tel 020 8871 1424.  Email: 


Entries to:             OK Nuts 2004 Entries, Tayles Cottage, 35 West Street, Ewell Village, Surrey KT17 1XD

Cheques payable to SLOW.   



The OK Nuts Trophy, which is in memory of Mike Wells Cole, who died in 1976 and is a former British Champion and a member of Nutfielders OK (now merged with SLOW), will be awarded to the winner of the Men's Open course.

The OK Nuts Women's Trophy will be awarded to the first woman on the Women's Open course.

The OK Nuts Junior Trophy in memory of Margaret Loveless, a longstanding member of SLOW, who died in 1993, will be awarded to the best overall Junior (M/W18 or younger). This will be a subjective decision by our panel of experts.





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