"Sheen Hagaby. 3rd June.

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Sheen where?, you ask. So let's clarify that. Sheen is in south-west London. Hagaby is a small Norwegian town somewhere in the vicinity of Blodslitet! You were in the former doing the latter, which is better described as a loop race.

Thank you all for coming and I'm pleased that you all seemed to enjoy yourselves, even those who spent much of the evening re-mapping around the thicket in the clearing, number 2 on loop B. That one certainly caused the most trouble and did for Martin, the early leader, who never found it. No punch-checking has been done - have a heart!

Thanks go to:
Alan for planning the courses and preparing the maps
Chris for printing
Caroline for helping place controls.
Gavin, Paul, Martin and Darrell for collecting
And (I never did ask her name) for helping you get the right map after every loop.

As for the winners, allowing women and super-vets to do 3 laps only, the first across the line was Caroline Catmur, but as she put controls out we'll ignore her. So David May won but he was only 5 seconds ahead of Sarah Brown who qualified for 3 laps on both counts, but still went out for a 4th. But best performance of the night came undoubtedly from Dave Pilling who was very surprised to discover he was the first to complete all 4 loops. It goes to show that in fast and furious short O, it's steady precision that wins the day. But you all knew that anyway???? Well, you do now!

Andy Robinson.