SLOW - Richmond Park - 03 Aug 04

Event Summary

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NOTE: The Light Green and Orange were also run as part of last years Yvette Baker Trophy... to compare times go to... YBT Results; the weather was rather different that day!

Organisers Comments:

Firstly a big thank you to Gavin for re-constructing the results from the control boxes. I dont know how he does it, but I suspect its due to his compulsive urge to write a computer program for any situation that might arise. Of course it would have been a lot easier if Id had the foresight to program one of the download units to store the results for later connection to Gavins laptop& but thats enough from nerds corner.

Congratulations to Darrell for getting Eds scalp and to Owen (on his final final appearance for SLOW) on beating (by one second) 13 year-old Ralph Streets time from last October. The rest of you will have to blame it on the weather and the bracken.

Speaking of the weather, I had 25 Light Green maps and if it had been dry and sunny a lot more would have come and we would have had a different problem. Now Ive got 44 Green maps at home from last Octobers race&.. but that will need an evening much nearer the solstice.

Thanks to Don for setting out, collecting and having a convenient boot for me to shelter in; also to Chris, Ed and Owen for collecting.

For the rest of the month orienteering is taking a holiday. SLOWs next promotion is the Trail Challenge half marathon on 3rd October.

Andy Robinson

Results Team Comments

It was intended to be a low maintenance SI event with people simply doing a DIY download in the car park but in the end I am afraid that I was stuck on a train for 2 hours (lightning fusing the signals) so couldn't deliver the computer to the event! Unfortunately we hadn't planned for no computer at all so we didn't have a Master Unit programmed with AutoSend ON into which to download people.

I did manage to make it to the pub to download a few people but for the main results I have read the backup memory of all the controls and reconstructed the results; a process itself delayed since 116 was not collected until the day after the event!

Finally, I apologise that Sarah Nosworthy didn't appear on the initial version of the results (and still doesn't appear in the Splitsbrowser); this is because Sarah used a SI dibber that my computer believes is used by Aislinn Austin (a member of the British Squad.)

Gavin Andrews, SI Wizard, SLOW