SLOW Frolics and Sprint - Sheen 2004

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It seems that we coped reasonably well with the new format but there are a few lessons to be learnt for next year to try and cut down on the typing! It is really useful to allow people to use their own dibbers twice but this does complicate the computing part; in the end we had a few glitches but generally the queues for registration and download were reasonably under control.

Control Unit 160 failed at the start of the event and was replaced as soon as possible with a spare.  It was good to see everyone who did find the problem had punched their map using the pin punch; sorry for the confusion at the control.  I have taken the offending hardware and will be interrogating it to see if we can work out why it failed.

Finally, a control on the Sprint went missing at the end of the event affecting two runners (including me!).  Despite a search of the area there was no sign of stake, kite or control unit...

Gavin Andrews

Last Updated: 11/07/2004