SLOW - Reigate SENiLe - 29 Jan 05

Event Summary

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Controllers Comments

With a first time organiser and a first time planner who doesn't orienteer at night I thought I might have some work to do, but between them I think Paul and Simon produced an excellent event. No changes were needed to the courses and Pauls decision not to make much use of the park area or the brambly south side of the hill was a good one. However this meant more legs on the technically challenging north slope and slightly more climb than we are used to. I was very impressed with Gavins 'Radio results', it makes a change from staring into the darkness waiting for a headlight to appear to be looking at a screen and watching the progress of the race as it happens. All he needs now is to project it onto a big screen otherwise it will be like a rugby scrum at the back of his car!

Vince Joyce.

Organiser's Comments

This being the first event I have organized, I thought there could be some surprises on the night but all seemed to go ok. My thanks to the helpers who ensured it all ran smoothly and to Reigate and Banstead council for land permission for the event. The radio results seemed to keep much interest at the download car, thanks to Gavin for rigging this up. Hope you enjoyed the event.

Simon Evans

Planner's Comments  

I haven't orienteered at night for about 5 years, so I'm not sure why I agreed that my first ever attempt at planning should be a night event!  Hopefully this inexperience didn't show up in the courses, and judging by the comments received at the end people seemed to enjoy their runs.    My apologies to the few Ochre competitors whose maps we had to take off them at the finish to pass onto other competitors waiting to start - unfortunately we had slightly underestimated the demand for this course (last year's SLOW Senile event only had 2 people running the Ochre course!).  For those of you who went home without a map, if you send me an email (to ) with your address, I will ensure that one is sent onto you.   Thanks to Vince for controlling, and to Simon for going beyond the call of duty as Organiser and putting half of the controls out. Thanks also to Sarah for running registration, to Andy for running the start, to everyone who helped to collect in the controls afterwards, and to Gavin for his hi-tech live results link that had everybody so enthralled!  

Paul Nixon

Results Team Comments

My favourite type of Orienteering is Night Orienteering, and my favourite part of Night Orienteering is running but as part of the organising club it fell to me to be a helper and my favourite part of that is the geeky side; tonight I went for it! I hope you had fun with my new inovation the radio results and real-time progress displays. The courses were idea for radio; we had special controls for Start, 133 and Finish, 133 was around 4/7ths (thanks Simon) around the Navy and about 3/4 the way around the Olive so we had intermediate results for those courses. Ochre with just a Start and Finish radio control was still fun as the keen youngsters hundled around at download to see if their times would be bettered.

Gavin Andrews

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