Orienteering - Wimbledon Common - 25/10/03

Event Summary

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On Saturday 25th October we organised an orienteering course as part of the selection process for the forthcoming BBC series "The Challenge"...

From BBC's Press Release

"The Challenge" - are you tough enough?

Ever watched elite athletes climbing the world's toughest mountains, racing rally cars through the desert or trekking to the North Pole and thought, "I could do that" Well now is your chance to prove it!

BBC Television is looking for Britain's fittest and mentally toughest athletes to take on the biggest challenges in the world of adventure sports.

If you think you've got what it takes to attempt a trans-Atlantic yacht record, run a 200 mile desert ultra-marathon or race non stop for 5 days and nights through the frozen Yukon and you're over 18 years of age (male or female), ...  then....

Go Orienteering with SLOW on Wimbledon Common!


The following competitors competed in the Orienteering Stage:

Jude Shenton B24 10:07:22
Sarah Gorman B21 10:07:25
Tony Griffiths B28 10:07:27
Paul (Dr) Belcher B25 10:07:29
Neil Gresham B27 10:19:00
Belinda Morrison B22 10:24:10
Mark Daniels B26 10:24:12
Matthew Hunt B29 10:24:14
Ian Warren B32 10:24:15
Rachel Bright B20 10:24:17
Patsy Quick B23 10:24:19
Samson Omonua B31 10:24:20
Andrew Rivett A12 11:40:07
Ben Bardsley A5 11:40:13
Wynton Faure A8 11:41:11
Paul Mathew A11 11:41:30
Alastair Hay A9 11:41:43
Kate Balchin A1 11:42:15
Rebecca Stubbs A4 11:42:19
Ashraff Khan A10 11:42:21
Debbie Smit A3 11:46:21
Norman Brown A6 11:54:20
Georgina Doughty A2 11:54:22
Chris Grainger D70 14:43:19
James Leavesley D71 14:43:21
John Cunningham D66 14:43:39
Jeremy Coll D65 14:43:41
Declan Doyle D67 14:43:44
Elizabeth Lumber D62 14:44:36
Jason McCreight D72 14:44:44
Andrew Gorman D69 14:48:06
Christopher Fay D68 14:48:14
Fiona Patterson D64 14:48:15
Katherine Joy D60 14:53:15
Carolyn Laband D61 14:54:23
Helen Parkinson D63 15:04:03
Peter James C48 16:41:29
Andy Blow C44 16:43:14
Camilla Lennon C41 16:48:09
Ross Mitchell C49 16:48:11
John Buchanan C45 16:48:13
Lucy Pash C43 16:48:14
Jane Gould C40 16:48:16
Emma Linford C42 16:48:17
Paul Hogan C47 16:49:06
Geert (Gerry) de Vries C46 16:50:11