Trail Challenge 2003 - 2nd July 2003

Event Summary

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Organisers Comments:


The torrential downpour in the hour before the start certainly put a damper on things and was no doubt the cause of the reduced field of 35 runners. But it all cleared up just after the start and so all the runners came back having enjoyed themselves.

This was the first race SLOW has done for the Hawker Centre, and we hope it to be the first of many. It was also the first time for 20 years that we have done anything down by the Riverside. So there was a brand new map which worked very well, and many of you, even those that lived locally, were pleasantly surprised to discover a new patch or running terrain.

Congratulations to Martin, Katka and Mike for repeat wins in their classes. As for the women on the 10k, does Shivali know she is now the only contender in that class?

The final race is on Tuesday 29th July, and will be in Richmond Park. Registration and changing will be as at race 1 at the Thames hare and Hounds clubhouse on the Wimbledon Common side of the A3. There will be series winners as well as race winners, but as nobody will get more than one prize that night, we'll find a way of sharing the prizes round more people.

Meanwhile anyone who wants a less frenetic and (maybe) sunnier run on the Riverside, try the Hawker Centre on the morning of Sunday 20th for SLOW's contribution to the summer "FROLICS" series

Andy Robinson

Results Team Comments:

The electronic unit at 104 failed to operate; I hope this didn't cause too much confusion. We assumed that everyone visited this control (those in the know punched their maps with the manual punche on the stake to prove they went there). The splits show "0.00" which means the visit was untimed and the split to the next control will atually be the split to the previous timed control (if you see what I mean!).

It was great to see almost everyone find all the controls in the right order and get back in good time!