Coaching Day - 22nd June 2003

Dear all,

The car park for the day is the Bell Street car park in Reigate - this URL should open up a map with a pointer to it:

Click here for map

 It is off the main road running south from the one way system, near a school which is marked on the OS map.

Please collect there for 10 am. We will then move on to the start point by taking a path from the corner of the car park, past the playground (thoroughly tested by juniors after the last coaching day at Reigate!) onto an open field.

If you arrive late, the start point is on a path out of sight of the fields. Look for the two "special objects" (a beacon and a post) on the edge of the woods. Go one re-entrant to the West and follow the path half-way up that re-entrant (see map above). Chris Fry will leave a map on show under his windscreen. The relay at the end is likely to be the same as last time, i.e. go West one more re-entrant - bottom of re-entrant, 4-way path junction.

We should finish around 2pm.

Any volunteers to help put out controls please contact Chris Fry

See you on the day,