Well done to the students of Salesian College who took part in the recent orienteering competitions in Battersea Park.


SLOW put on orienteering events for the students in Battersea Park on March 3rd and 10th. The first week was a Score event, with competitors taking the controls in any order and getting as many points as possible within a 30 minute time limit. I did not think anybody would get all the controls in the 30 minutes time limit, but several students did, scoring the maximum 180 points.


The second week, we put on three different courses: A - 3.5k, B - 3.5k (similar to A but very slightly easier), C - 2.4k (shorter and a bit easier than B).


The students who came in the morning were at a disadvantage in that there were less people around. Their results would no doubt have been even better, had they competed in the afternoon with the others.


A course

A time under 40 minutes is very good; under 30 minutes is exceptional. Unfortunately some people were impeded by the fact that some joker had hidden no 4 in the hedge and so they lost time looking for it.


B course

Good results from everybody. Under 40 minutes is very good. Again some lost time looking for the hidden control.


C course

Good results from everybody.


The students were enthusiastic, well-behaved and a pleasure to work with. I'd love to do more orienteering for these students; some of them have got great potential as orienteers.


Thanks to Don McKerrow and Simon Greenwood for helping.


Christine Robinson

Chair - South London Orienteers and Wayfarers


Results for March 3rd Click here

Results for March 10th Click here