SLOW Frolics - Ham Riverside 20/07/03

Event Summary

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Frolic Club Result from this Event

Club Result     Score    Pts
SLOW              537     20
MV                522     19
LOK               513     18
HAVOC             242     17
SN                240     16
DFOK              174     15
HH                113     14
GO                106     13
SAX                96     12
JOK                73     11
SO                 66     10
PS                 60      9
BAOC               51      8
MDDXO              43      7

Overall Frolic After 4 Events

Overall Result   TPts   Rank
MV                 76      1
SLOW               72      2
LOK                70      3
HAVOC              63      4
DFOK               62      5
SAX                59      6
CROC               45      7
HH                 38      8
GO                 37      9
SN                 34     10
BAOC               26     11
BKO                25     12
MDDXO              23     13
CHIG               22     14
SO                 22     14
TVOC               14     16
HOC                11     17
JOK                11     17
PS                  9     19

Congratulations to MV; 2003 Frolics Winners!
String Course

Name    Club    Age     Time
Ralph Street    SLOW    12      1:31
Anna Steinitz   SLOW    12      1:34
Greg Street     SLOW    10      1:50
Jenny Steinitz  SLOW    10      1:51
Julia Blmoquist BAOC    11      2:31
June Hart       IND     10      2:43
Liz Hart        IND     6       3:12
Tara McKenna    IND     11      3:17
Rose Rushton    IND     9       3:37
Dane Blomquist  BAOC    6       4:12
Alex Brown      SN      4       7:01
Kate Skinner    IND     4       9:20
Catriona Minty  IND     1       17:50


Organisers Comments:


I always enjoy the Frolics series and organising this event was no less
enjoyable. I had some concerns a few weeks ago that the turnout would be
low because of holidays. In the event, a good number of competitors
turned out to enjoy Frank's courses.

There was also a good turnout for the string course with 13 children
taking part. Special thanks are due to Jackie Steinitz for making best
use of the limited area round the edge of the cricket ground.

Gavin Andrews, ably assisted by Andrew Trimble, provided a rapid and
efficient results service with the Frolics results available as soon as
the last competitor had finished. Many thanks also to the other SLOW
helpers who ensured that other parts of the organisation ran smoothly.

SLOW is particularly grateful to the Hawker Centre for making their
facilities available and for allowing us to use all of the cafe area for
registration and copying the maps - a rare luxury to ba able to sit down
at a table to do this.

Finally, congratulations to Mole Valley for winning the Red Bus trophy.

Nigel Saker


Ham Riverside and Ham Common were first used for orienteering in January
1983 in a Long-O event which started and finished on Wimbledon Common
and came through Richmond Park out of Ham Gate and back in Dysart Arms
gate. The map was a photocopy of a black and white hand-drawn sheet of
A4 produced when I was a relatively fit M35 and had decent eyesight.

Now everything is done on the computer and is a relative doddle. Not
just the technology but also the vegetation has come on a long way in
the last 20 years. In 1983 the area was nothing like so overgrown. In
particular the woodland north of the road through Ham Woods had a
network of paths and was quite pretty. Now it is a jungle that we
decided was too unfriendly to take courses into, but the area south of
the road was judged just about OK and I hope the hardy Frolic
Extensioners didn't find it too bad.

Frolicers will have noted the almost total absence of White on their
course through Ham Riverside which made for a different kind of
experience; mostly running through Rough Open on paths and finding
controls on the edges of the Green. No-one reported any problems but you
will all have realised that there were many unmapped paths, particularly
through the Green approaching control 103. Some of you who did not aim
off early may have hit the towpath beyond the monument and overshot.

My great fear before the event was that the vandals would be out in
force. I had visions of dashing around trying to replace missing
controls and searching in the thickets. As it happened there were no
incidents at all. I would like to thank Paul Canham, and Richard and Ed
Catmur for helping me to put out and collect controls and patrol them
through the morning. My thanks are also due to Nigel Saker who helped me
out with controls in addition to organising the event; and to David May
who checked my courses before finalisation and made several helpful

Frank Lyness