We were very fortunate the rain stopped just before the start. I'd have been dead miserable if I had been getting wet as well. This last race was timed to be in the week of a major holiday orienteering week in Scotland which took away many of the experienced orienteering regulars. This kept the numbers down but meant we had a much higher proportion (and maybe even a much higher number) of non-orienteers at the start. So you all did very well to get round with less people to follow!


There were series wins for Martin (10k men), Katka (6k women) Steve (6k supervet) and Phil (10k vet and a non-orienteer  - well done!). Congratulations to all of them. Unfortunately no woman did all three 10k races.


We certainly enjoyed putting on the series as a club and will be doing something similar (and possibly exactly the same) next summer.


Until then the following may be of interest: (Click on links to see more info)

-          Tuesday 5 August. Pembroke Lodge car park in the park. A 5k orienteering course.

-          Saturday 9 August (morning) Tadworth AC are organising a street orienteering score event from the Chequers pub in Walton-on-the-Hill

-          Tuesday 12 August. The final weekday evening offering of the summer. From the TH&H clubhouse again., orienteering combined with (what I suspect to be) one or two 'corporate challenge' type games.

-          Sunday 14 September. Trail Challenge Race. on the South Downs. At the Devil's Dyke just NW of Brighton.  At last, another club is copying SLOW's invention.

-          Sunday 12 October. A variety of orienteering courses from the Broomfield Hill car park in Richmond Park.


and I hope to see you all at one or more of the above


Andy Robinson



10km Trail Results  - Click here for 10km split times


Pl   Name                        Club                              Time


    1 Martin Stepanek            CROC                              40:22

    2 Chris Beecham              LOK                               42:17

    3 Gavin Francis              Sheen Shufflers                   42:22

    4 Tony Burton                MV                                43:27

    5 Paul Whiston               CROC                              44:19

    6 Charel Marais              IND                               44:20

    7 Paul Oates                 CROC                              44:37

    8 Phil Davies                STRAGGLERS                        47:01

    9 Paul Conner                CROC                              47:22

   10 Alison High                CROC                              53:20

   11 Gavin Berry                IND                               53:26

   12 Ellis Bright               IND                               53:41

   13 Paul Ormerod               Sheen Shufflers                   54:12

   14 Keith Jarratt              CROC                              54:27

   15 Paul Roberts               IND                               54:29

   16 Patrick Pencilly           IND                               58:00

   17 Peter McKibben             IND                               58:01

   18 Emma Rowntree              Sheen Shufflers                   59:10

   19 Andrew Harvey-Smith        IND                               59:13

   20 Bryn Buffery               IND                             1:23:39

   21 Pete Woolston              IND                             1:23:41


      Iain Bloxsome              CROC                                 mp


mp= missed punched


6km trail - results  Click here for 6km split times


    1 David Fisher               Tadworth                          28:53

    2 Andrew Redington           LOK                               29:48

    3 Katka Heczkova             CROC                              30:08

    4 Martin Smith               HALO                              30:36

    5 Steve Brockbank            CROC                              37:54

    6 Maurice Dunnett            MV                                55:00

    7 Sue Boyman                 EPSOM & EWELL                     59:51

    8 Debbie Burse               EPSOM & EWELL                     59:54

    9 Sue Blunt                  EPSOM & EWELL                     59:56

   10 Marion Jakeman             EPSOM & EWELL                     59:57

   11 Moira O'Leary              EPSOM & EWELL                     59:59

   12 Annabel Faulkner           EPSOM & EWELL                   1:00:00