As trailed in SLOWPRINT, the date for the next coaching day is Sunday 9th May from 10 am to 2 pm. This will be on Puttenham Common near Guildford. Pete Nicholls from Guildford is kindly planning the exercises.

The coaching day is designed for juniors and beginners but there may be limited exercises for experienced orienteers as well. You can be shadowed by more experienced orienteers or just talk to a coach after each exercise. This is a good chance to talk to people about the areas you want to improve.

Please let me know by 28th April whether you will be coming so that I can ensure that there are enough people to come along and help. Please copy your e-mail to Chris Fry as I may only be checking my e-mail in the office intermittently. Let us know if there are any particular techniques you want to practice.

Experienced orienteers ? I would really appreciate your help passing on your skills and enthusiasm by shadowing less experienced orienteers. It is a good way of reminding yourself what you should be doing as well! Please let me know if you can help on the day, preferably also by 28th April.

Happy to answer any queries,


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