SLOW Winter club nights 2003-2004


SLOW is putting on a club night once a month during the winter.  Each evening will be a mix of social where you can meet up with club members and also a night street orienteering event.


What is a street event?      Usually a one hour street O score event where you run round looking for clues that are visible under street lights – eg “Control 1 – name of the pub” or the number of a fire hydrant, you need to write the answer down.  Some control have higher points values, usually the ones further away.  There are points for each correct answer.  There may be two courses – short and a long – short could be 45 mins and long 60 minutes. 


 What does the map look like? A black and white photocopy on A4 paper – various club members have drawn these over the years – Kingston, Hinchley Wood, Richmond, Putney, Westminster, Guildford, Southfields.  The map has a question for each control on the map, usually about 20. 



 When and where are the events?            Starts from 7pm onwards on the following Tuesdays


                             Date                               Location                                                                 Organiser

                   1:       November 4th 2003          Hawker Centre, Lower Ham Road, North Kingston         

                   2:       December 16th 2003*       73 Claygate Lane, Hinchley Wood                           

                   3:       January 6th 2004             109 Hamilton Avenue, Surbiton                               

                   4:       February 3rd 2004*         90 Shuttlewood Rd, Battersea*                               

                   5:       March 2nd 2004               26 Geneva Road, Kingston                                       

                   6:       April 6th 2004                 Christopher Squash Club, Plough Lane, Wimbledon    


*Please note correction to these details from those published in SLOWPRINT, now corrected to Tuesdays and one change of address


Click on the location to see a map and on the organiser name to send an email, otherwise please check the SLOW membership list for phone numbers.                                  


 What kit do you need?  Running kit and a pen, you don’t need a headlamp as the event is always under street lamps


 Will I be safe?  Most people prefer to run in pairs although you can choose to run on your own if you prefer.  You don’t need to bring a partner with you, this is usually arranged when you arrive.  Clues are on well lit paths and avoid dark alleyways.


 What about the social?  The street event usually starts between 7pm and 8pm, people turn up and start when they can, there is always someone there to give you the map and record the start time.  The social side starts from about 8pm, you DON’T have to run, just come and have a chat, pick up coaching tips, analyse your last O race or just join us for a drink.  Usually food and drink is provided or sometimes there is a mass exodus to the local takeaway.  If we are at a sports centre we use their facilities.  The evening usually finishes between 10 and 11pm.


 What is the cost?  The event is usually free, if someone is providing food and drink there is usually a small charge.  You pay for your own food and drink at a sports centre.  The club pays for printing the maps


 Who can take part?  Any SLOW member can come but we often join in with Croydon and Mole Valley members as well.  Juniors can come as well but it probably suits 14+ best as we don’t finish until about 10pm


 When are they?  The events will usually be the first Tuesday of the month running from November until April.  From May we will switch over to a summer series of O training in the light.  Traditionally the December event has a Christmas theme and the February event usually involves tossing a pancake.


 Who holds the maps?  At the moment several club members have maps they have drawn.  We would like to start a more organised map stock.  If you have an electronic version of the map and a set of questions or even just a good clean paper copy of a street map please could you send it to Andy Robinson.


 What about prizes? There will be a prize for the best man and best woman over the series


 Are you interested?  If you would like to take part in these fun training / social events please contact the relevant organiser about a week before the event.  This helps to plan numbers for the number of maps needed and if food/drink are planned for the social.


  Series Coordinator:  Andrew Trimble –


This page updated October 31st  2003