THE NOWER SHORT RACES – 12th April 2003

Part of the Southern Express Series



Car Parking is at GR  TQ152488 (Click for map). The is on the A25 just west of Dorking at Wescott and will be signed only from 100m either side of the turning. Parking is along the entrance road to the UNUM complex. You will be directed to drive past the parked cars and turn before returning to park facing the exit, please follow the marshal’s instructions.



The Assembly area is at the Westcott Cricket ground, and is 100 – 200m from car parking. This is on the other side of the A25 so take extreme care crossing this busy main road and follow tapes through the gap in the fence.

Enquiries & Toilets will be in the cricket pavilion. The Start and Finish are also in the Assembly field. Anyone arriving by bike or on foot should go straight to Assembly. Anyone who has not yet paid for their entry should do so at Enquiries.



Click here to see provisional start list



This event uses SI electronic punching. Dibber hire will be at Enquiries. The clear station will be at the Start; please ensure that you clear your dibber before call up. Download will be adjacent to the Finish; after finishing please download before you do anything else. You must download, even if you retire.



If you have any queries with your entry please contact the Entries Secretary (Alan Leakey) as soon as possible on 01932 864347. There will be very limited entry on the day, it is better to contact the Entries Secretary before hand to reserve a map.



A Course       4.0 km          130m climb   24 controls   

B Course       2.9 km          110m climb   18 controls

Y Course       2.0 km          25m climb     17 controls



Map updated Spring 2003  1:5,000         5m contours

The A and B courses have 2 maps back to back in the same sealed unit, with part of the course on each map for clarity. Make sure that you start on the right map! The relevant control descriptions for each part of the course will be also be printed on each map. The last control on side 1 will be shown by a start triangle on side 2; both maps show the Finish. The Yellow course has only one map and control descriptions will be in English on the back in order not to obscure the legend. There are no separate control descriptions for any course



Allowed on a lead in the Assembly area if attached to well behaved owners. Please ensure that the playing fields are not fouled.                



All courses cross a minor road. Although there is little traffic along this it is important to take care when crossing.

The Yellow course will have tapes from the start to the first control and from the last control to the Finish. The Nower is a public area, please be considerate to other users.

Courses close at 1:00pm. All competitors take part at their own risk.



Planner:        Mike Murray (SLOW)

Organiser:     Diane Leakey (SLOW)             

Controller:     Charlie Turner (SLOW)