SLOW are organising a coaching day on Sunday 22nd June at Reigate Priory jointly with Guildford Orienteers to provide people with an opportunity to learn and practice navigational techniques. Reigate Priory consists of a steep hillside with the Greensand Way along the top, some major paths dropping down the valleys and various features dotted across the wooded slopes in between. The coaching day is designed for a range of standards from young juniors just starting to exercises to stretch developing juniors and adult inexperienced orienteers (approximately yellow to light green standard and a bit beyond) The exercises can be tailored to match the people who want to come. You can be shadowed by more experienced orienteers or just talk to a coach after each exercise. We will finish by early afternoon with a fun relay. This is a good chance to talk to people about the areas you want to improve.


Please let me know if you would like to come by 12th June so that I have time to find experienced orienteers to help. Let us know if there are any particular skills you would like to practice.


Experienced orienteers I would really appreciate your help passing on your skills and enthusiasm by shadowing less experienced orienteers. It is a good way of reminding yourself what you should be doing as well! Please let me know if you can help on the day, preferably by 12th June.


Happy to answer any queries,



Contact for further details